As a company we’ve been gaining experience for almost 10 years. During this time we had an opportunity to develop products from more than 6 different industries for companies based in many different countries, including European countries such as France, Italy or Switzerland, but also world giants such as USA and China. We have tried our hands in HR and payroll projects, insurance and gaming industries as well as media and real estate sectors.

Many companies trusted us thanks to our experience and wide range of knowledge. It is crucial for us to expand the scope of services and constantly introduce new technologies to our clients. In JMR Technologies we value diversity and treat every challenge as a new opportunity to gain knowledge and develop.

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"JMR Technologies has been an invaluable partner in our Amazon Web Services application development pipeline. All products JMR has delivered has been of the highest quality. JMR’s engineers have a deep knowledge of AWS’s inner terworkings and can efficiently develop a secure architecture that stand the test of time. Further, the team members have the experience to recommend different approaches that demonstrates their understanding the full lifecycle of product development, and how to build a fault-tolerant and scalable application that leverage AWS."

Marshall Roach, Director of Engineering

Project: Protagonist Technologies, LLC

"What I like about JMR Technologies is that they're flexible to meet my needs, and everything is up for discussion. They're very client-oriented. We always look for a solution together to make the project work, and usually we come up with that solution."

Engagement Manager, Digital Solutions Provider

Project: Website Development for Digital Solutions Provider

"The high-quality product is faithful to the design and meets expectations, especially on UX. Responsive and available, JMR Technologies ensures strong project management and sticks to timelines. They’ve provided advice that improves solutions."

Executive, Sports Company

Project: Prototype Software Dev for Sports Company

"JMR’s resources are adaptable and responsive. Combined with their expertise in specialized tech and problem-solving skills, the team is clearly capable of handling fluid projects."

Product Owner, Online Booking System

Project: App Development for Online Booking System

"Their programmer was highly capable and worked well independently in order to complete deliverables in a timely manner. She had a good grasp of all project components, came up with effective solutions to deliver the features we needed, and responded quickly to bug reports."

CTO, Compliance Solutions Provider

Project: Web App Dev for Compliance Solutions Provider

"In addition to their professionalism, our team greatly values how personable they are. They know when to be humorous to make the client feel at ease, which has encouraged a productive relationship. They’re just a lot of fun to work with."

Product Owner, StartUp Incubator

Project: Wed Development for Startup Incubator

"They've designed our platform starting from zero. What most impressed us was their flexibility, availability, and general patience. I recommend JMR to other companies. They're a young developer with young people. They have a good mentality and a lot of positivity."

Cofounder, Music Distribution Startup

Project: Platform Development for Music Distributor

"I have to say JMR Technologies was very patient with me. Being a person who doesn't know anything about programming, they had to explain things to me. It was really a cooperation. Although the ideas for the project were absolutely mine, they really helped."

Owner, Children's Educational Game

Project: App Development for Children's Education Game

"JMR Technologies is a valuable and reliable partner. The agency is praised for their communication and ability to deliver on time. Quality assurance was noted as a possible area for improvement, but JMR Technologies is recommended to others regardless."

Senior Project Manager, Digital Agency

Project: .NET Development for Digital Agency

They trust us



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