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Each project is different therefore we approach every client individually. We are always looking for the best solutions to meet all your requirements. Our agile approach provides flexibility and transparency so we are able to satisfy your project’s needs. Below we present you an example of the MVP creating process.

1. Analyzing

The first stage is an analysis of requirements. We attach great importance to this step because it helps us understand all the needs of your business as well as your expectations. For this purpose we recommend a cycle of workshops. The output of this phase is a Product Specification document and a presentation of initial mockups.

2. Product design

The next stage belongs to our UI and UX specialists. They refine previous mockups and develop a user-friendly interface. In the meantime, our graphic designers take care of the visual side of the project to make it in line with current trends. We also bear in mind that it may be crucial for you to stay consistent with visual identity of your business therefore the design phase is preceded by a very scrupulous research.

3. Project kickoff

When we already know your business’ requirements, we can start choosing the right technology stack. We create a project backlog based on a list of established functionalities. We also launch project management support tools such as Gitlab, JIRA or Slack to provide a smooth flow of information among the team.

4. Agile development

Each stage of the project deserves your attention. When the project’s requirements are defined, we divide work into sprints. These are short time periods that allow our development team to build new functionalities more efficiently. Every two weeks we launch the updated version of the product. Every sprint is followed by a tasting phase. This ensures that we create what we initially planned to create and lets us get a measurable feedback as soon as possible.

Product backlogSprint backlog1-4 weekssprintDailyscrumSprint reviewNew functionality
Work cycle graph

We set together the priorities and the order of work. Then we create the product backlog with selected functionalities.

We divide our work for periods called sprints. Each of them lasts from 1 to 4 weeks. In this way we can present our work results more often.

After each sprint, we organize a retrospective meeting where we can make a sprint review and consider how to improve the way we work together.

5. Launch

After a series of sprints and up-to-date tests, the final stage is a launch of the quality product. Before “Going live” we make sure that the product is complete - releasing an error-free product is a culmination point of our cooperation.

6. Support and maintenance

Our cooperation does not have to finish yet. We are ready to support and develop your project within support&maintenance service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to introduce new functionalities or any other updates.


Team as service

The way we work is not what you’re looking for? We can cooperate in a different way. At the client's request, we are ready to delegate a dedicated development team at his disposal. Our team can support your internal resources remotely so you can optimize your budget, increase your project velocity and achieve remarkable results.

Key benefits You get

Agile methodology

Our agile approach is based on the sprints method. It allows us to develop the project in more efficient way getting a measurable feedback as soon as the new functionalities are in the testing phase.

Transparency and communication

We believe that transparency and communication are the key factors to build a successful business relations. Our clients have a permanent access to JMR Slack channel to keep in touch with all team members.

Your idea protection

We understand that you may want to protect your idea. We are ready to sign the NDA so that you can be sure your intellectual property is safe.

Time and materials contract

Your billing is based on the real worked hours number of the project team. You have an instant access to our work log so at the end of each day you can see the amount of time we spent working on your project. You know exactly what you pay for.

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