Rippler is an independent digital distribution platform that uses a graphic code printed on a paper packaging. At the client's request, we have designed and developed a mobile application for scanning codes and for storing and playing downloaded music. To enable distribution management, we created the online back office system with many functionalities including generating special codes.


EatZone is a platform for people who appreciate healthy lifestyle, and above all, the right diet. The portal was created to provide dietary catering services with a comprehensive order management system. The website is based on a dedicated CRM system adapted for managing the information workflow. EatZone specialists can use the system to comprehensively take care of each order, from selecting the right diet for the customer to notifying couriers about the deliveries.


On behalf of our client 4ELT, we created an interactive English learning game for children. Hop4elt is an application for Microsoft Kinect v2 for Windows. The whole project was carried out by the JMR team. The scope of work included technical and creative development . In addition to designing and implementing the software, we developed a complete graphical visualization and also prepared the soundtrack. The game has four gameplay modes tailored to the level of English proficiency.


For our client Oak Property we have prepared an internet portal that collects investment offers in condo hotels. The portal has a search engine and an offer comparison service that includes many parameters regarding the investment. In addition, the portal contains many interesting functionalities such as interactive investment business cards, investment calculators, articles and a statistics module.


For one of our clients, we have created a system for buying passes for fitness clubs. With the help of an advanced search engine, users have the option to select specific gyms and services best suited to their location and their fitness goals. Users can purchase individual entries or periodic passes allowing them to use their favorite gym.

Mobile app platform

For one of our clients from the communication branch we have prepared a platform for creating and managing mobile aplications. As a result, companies and intitutions can receive personalized applications adapted to their needs. They can also manage the structure and appearance of the application. The main functionality is sending messages to recipient groups.


Our client deals with the sale of condo apartments. For each investment, we have prepared a unique website containing a description of investments, photo galleries, profit calculator and contact forms to facilitate contact with the client.

Compilance Solution Software

For our client from the financial industry we have prepared a tool that helps to protect organizations from Money Laundering and financial crimes. The innovative, customizable application and dedicated support team allows our client to provide the premier solution to the operational and compliance requirements. The application allows to create ownership maps, search corporate registries, screen names against sanctions and PEP lists (Politically Exposed Persons), and review adverse media.

Innovative recruitment platform

For our client we have created an innovative platform that combines a traditional job offers service with recruitment tools functionality. Thanks to the intelligent search engine, the platform chooses the most suitable candidates for the offer from the IT industry. While companies have their own access to candidate profiles browser so they can send job interview invitations through the platform.

Software for Sports Company

We have created a software sport application that helps users to improve their skills in a particular discipline. The application is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. The real-time computing and drawing multiple graphs provide immediate feedback. On this basis and on the analysis of all movements, users can interpret their mistakes or observe their own progress.



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