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Live healthy!

EatZone is a platform for people who appreciate healthy lifestyle, and above all, the right diet. The portal was created to provide dietary catering services with a comprehensive order management system. The website is based on a dedicated CRM system adapted for managing the information workflow. EatZone specialists can use the system to comprehensively take care of each order, from selecting the right diet for the customer to notifying couriers about the deliveries.

  • MS SQL
  • C#
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Entity Framework

Visual design of the website

The website content and the visual theme had to be consistent to encourage the customers to use the services. The visual design of the website is light, clear and dynamic. An apropriate color scheme and interesting presentation of the meals translate to the number of orders made. The popularity of the service is also dependent on reducing the number of elements as much as possible, so that customers can easily find important content.

Ordering system

Everyone appreciates time and convenience. With this in mind, the EatZone founders decided to give their customers easy access to the services offered. At a convenient time and place, each registered user of the portal can order the selected diet, suggested by a special daily caloric intake calculator. In case consultation is required, an appropriate contact form was created. Orders are constantly monitored to notify customers about ending diets in order to extend the services.

Dedicated CRM system

The website's functionality, and consequently customer satisfaction, depends to a large extent on the right software that supports easy management of the entire ordering process. The diets must correspond to the caloric needs calculated by a special tool. Individual menus can be modified in real time in order to diversify the offer. The process of submitting and fulfilling orders is designed to reduce the number of operations as much as possible, given the high number of daily inquiries. The software also provides delivery management features, including giving instructions to the couriers and identifying delivery areas. The system also supports such tasks as preparing summaries for the kitchen. All operations performed via CRM can be reported through a comprehensive reporting system.


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