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For our customer, we created a platform dedicated to people who enjoy being active and eating healthy. is a comprehensive database of exercises, diets, articles and fitness news. The website provides all the information necessary in the process of becoming and staying fit. The mechanics of the portal is very complex due to the wide range of activities that can be taken. The main website engine is the dedicated CRM system that ensures consistency of all features, such as choosing diets or trainings, or gathering information about the plans completed and suggesting further steps for the challenges undertaken. A modern social networking portal and a mobile application are among additional tools that augment the service.

  • MS SQL
  • C#
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Entity Framework
  • Angular.js
  • Apache Cordova
  • Ionic

Visual design of the website

We did our best to create a visual design that would reflect the portal's message. The result is dynamic graphics and a diverse, yet consistent layout. Each element of the site is a call to action, hence careful selection of vivid colors and unusual shapes. The portal's multitasking nature made it especially important for the content to be comprehensible, so that new users would not be discouraged. The website is designed to be as intuitive as possible and is undergoing constant testing in order to improve its accessibility.

Social networking portal

Myfitweb is targeted at active people who often want to express their energy and achievements. For this reason, the project has been extended with a modern lifestyle social networking portal, where users can share experiences, find new friends, and continuously monitor their own results or compare them with others. The portal is consistent with the site in terms of both visuals and content. It is an interesting alternative to popular social media. One of its distinguishing features is an exciting ranking tool, where users can set their goals and challenge other portal members to sports duels.

Training and diet registry

Each user of the service has different needs and goals, so basic diet and training database is continuously expanded with new items, both by qualified trainers and nutritionists, and by the site users themselves. The ability to share proposals is designed to inspire and diversify already proven plans. The registries are classified in a transparent manner, so that everyone can quickly and efficiently find interesting exercises and proper meals. There is also a list of trainers and nutritionists, which lets users find a professional nearby and arrange for a consultation.

Mobile application

Activity does not like restrictions. This is why we created a mobile application and a social networking portal for the website. In this way, users can take advantage of all available features and favorite tools wherever they are, receiving and exchanging information in real time.

Promotional materials

The JMR graphics team designed and produced promotional materials for The products such as flyers, informational folders for fitness clubs, and business cards, were made using high-quality graphics and interesting design choices. All the materials are consistent with the overall website's theme.


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