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Paychef e-service is an innovative system for handling orders for catering services in order to simplify their fulfillment. Using the website or any mobile device, the application user can place an order for catering services at any convenient time and place. The application minimizes the waiting time, and allows the user to track the order and to indicate the desired delivery or pickup time.

  • MS SQL
  • C#
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Entity Framework
  • Angular.js
  • PhoneGap


The process of ordering via paychef application consists of several basic steps. First, you indicate the type of the order and specify the desired date and time. Next you choose the restaurant and a dish from the menu. After paying the bill, you wait for confirmation, with the ability to track the order in real time, including viewing the delivery progress on the map.

POS system for restaurants

Paychef is a solution designed not only for individual customers, or even businesses, but also for restaurants. The ordering system software streamlines the order fulfillment, making it possible to control the whole process and to continuously monitor each stage. Such a tool is an excellent source of information that can be used to enhance or maintain a satisfactory level of service. A POS (Point of Sale) system created for paychef is a dedicated software used to register transactions with such details as payment method, customer name, product purchased, price and VAT value. The system is integrated with various devices necessary to complete the transaction.

Mobile user application

With many ways to use the application, simple tasks related to catering services become even more accessible, wherever the user is. This is due to the mobile application that supports the functionality of the website. It allows users to submit and pay for the order before arriving at the restaurant, thus avoiding waiting for a table and for serving the meal. The application also helps to summon the waiter, to order additional drinks, and even to find out the recommended dessert. All this works in combination with the workflow management system of a given restaurant. The application also provides a guide to the culinary map of the city, and allows to add feedback and reviews visible to other users.

Mobile courier application

Another group of the application users are those who deliver the orders. They can use it to check current orders, to view delivery addresses and a list of particular orders. Activating the tool makes it possible for both the customer and the restaurant manager to track the courier's route. This makes it easier to plan the deliveries and smoothly fulfill the orders.

Promotional materials

The JMR graphics team designed and produced promotional materials for The products such as flyers, informational folders for fitness clubs, and business cards, were made using high-quality graphics and interesting design choices. All the materials are consistent with the overall website's theme.


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