Wprost nieruchomości

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Invest with WPROST

Our customer, OAK Property Sp. z o.o., commissioned us to develop www.nieruchomosci.wprost.pl web portal with a list of properties for potential investors. Users can search for offers by category and send inquiries concerning a particular investment. The website is integrated with dedicated CMS and CRM system developed for Wprost Nieruchomości advisors. The software makes it easy to enter offers and to manage them on an ongoing basis.

  • MS SQL
  • C#
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Entity Framework

Visual design of the website

We started with developing an interactive mockup that allowed us to verify the customer's needs. This was the basis for creating the visual design of the portal. Our customer insisted on the high availability of the site, so it was designed with all possible resolutions in mind - it is fully responsive.

Apart from the website mechanics, we were also responsible for the visual side. Taking into account the requirements of potential investors, we made sure that the offers were presented in clear and attractive manner.

Dedicated CRM system

We created a dedicated CRM system for the website. The software allows Wprost Nieruchomosci advisors to easily manage offers to keep the information up to date. A very helpful feature makes it possible to import offers directly from Excel spreadsheets. The system also allows to book investments. Additional feature is the management of the customer and advisor database. We also introduced a comprehensive reporting system.

Print materials

As part of further cooperation, our graphic team designed promotional materials. Two full page advertisements were created to be published in the Wprost weekly. We also created the business card design for OAK Property Sp. z o.o. in the style of the website, and we had them made.


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