Turnkey solutions


An alternative to dedicated software is using an extensive base of turnkey solutions. They serve as a basis for creating projects using an effective and proven engine that can be personalized at a later stage. Versatile features allow customizing the product to specific customer needs.

It is also possible to extend the functionality of the program. Implementing turnkey solutions is the right choice for companies that need to quickly launch their services using the new the software. The adaptation of the system and its subsequent modifications are carried out in a way that does not disrupt operation of exisiting components.

Turnkey solutions we have used so far:

  • OpenERP
  • Umbraco CMS


OpenERP, now known as Odoo, for many years has been the most widespread open-source ERP system. This multi-featured platform can be used in virtually all areas of business operations, from manufacturing to HR, accounting, and sales management. There are many possibilities, so the system works well both in small and big companies, regardless of industry. This solution is also available in Polish language version.

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Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS is one of the best-known content management systems based on .NET framework. It is easy to use and has many supporters among web designers, IT developers and content managers. The platform can be extended with additional professional tools for more demanding customers. The basic applications, however, are perfectly suitable for smaller commercial projects.


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